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Warnings to ExhibitorsUnfortunately, in previous years, some ISE attendees have experienced problems with various types of fraud. Please read the following carefully.

Hotel Bookings: why you should use our official suppliers

Some attendees to ISE exhibitions have experienced problems when not booking their hotel rooms through our official partner. This can result in non-existent reservations, double bookings and excessive charges:

  • Please be aware that bnetwork is the only official accommodation partner of ISE 2021
  • Please ensure that when booking early bird accommodation, you use this service
  • Any other online service may potentially be illegal

Please be mindful when making your reservation and only use bnetwork.

How to book a hotel

Contact bnetwork:

Expo Guide and Fair Guide Scam

Unofficial ‘requests for data’ from Expo Guide, Fair Guide, and others

Despite issuing a legal undertaking to stop the practice, the directories listed below are continuing to target our exhibitors with a listing scam.

Using a form that closely resembles one used by the ISE Show Guide exhibitor listing service, Expo Guide and Fair Guide urge exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an online or a printed directory.

Exhibitors who sign and return the form are then bound to an agreement at significant cost for a period of at least three years, which is automatically renewed thereafter at the same cost, unless cancelled by registered letter within the appropriate period.

Integrated Systems Events has no relationship with:

  • Construct Data Verlag AG
  • Matic Verlag
  • Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV
  • Fair Guide
  • Expo Guide SC
  • The International Fairs Directory (IFD)
  • Oscar Guerrero
  • Exhibition Girls Limited – Hostess & Exhibitor Sales Staffing Service

or any of the many other brands and names used by similar organisations.

They have no right to use our event names and/or brands on any material they send out to exhibitors.

If you receive a document that uses our name or the name of our events, and which offers a data listing or advertising space on the Fair Guide website ( or Expo Guide website ( or the printed version of either, DO NOT sign the form.

If you discover that you have signed and returned such a form in error, think carefully before making ANY payment as this may weaken your position. Simply cancel the contract, in writing, at the earliest opportunity.

If your company is pursued and threatened with legal action by any of the above, again, think very carefully before making ANY payment.

ISE has no knowledge of any company being successfully pursued for payment by any of these organisations.

Sales Lead Scam

ALERT: ISE database is not for sale!

Please be wary of companies trying to sell or rent you access to the ISE database or to our list of attendees. We are aware that companies offering this service are especially active in the run-up to ISE. What they offer is not genuine. ISE does not sell or rent its database to anyone. Companies purporting to be able to supply it are not our partners and have no commercial relationship with ISE. So, please, do not waste your time or money and avoid them at all cost!

You can find out about ISE’s Official Suppliers below.

ISE’s Official Suppliers

Integrated Systems Europe has a number of Official Suppliers who work closely with us and exhibitors. These companies have ISE’s endorsement.

They include:

  • ISE Daily: published by Future plc, London, UK
  • ISE Show Guide, Professional Development Guide and Route Planners: published by Eventful Publishing, London, UK
  • ISE Hotel and Travel Service: managed by bnetwork, Barcelona, ES
  • ISEshow.TV: produced by InAVate, IML Group, London, UK

The full list of Official Suppliers is here:

If any exhibitor is still unclear as to what constitutes an unofficial request for information please feel free to contact your local Sales Manager.
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