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Stand Design Approval

Approval Submission Details

For ISE 2021 every space-only exhibitor is obliged to send their stand design, including the Risk Assessment Form and the Method Statement, to Abraxys for approval. Abraxys will perform a Stand Plan Inspection (SPI) on the stand design that has been submitted. The Stand Plan Inspection fee covers the independent review of your stand plans and the supporting health and safety documents.

Please submit the stand design and the requested documents before Friday 12 March 2021; please note that price for submitting your stand design will be £165 + VAT. After this deadline the price will increase to £300 + VAT per stand design.

The equivalent euro rate will be published on the Abraxys online retail site. Please note that exhibitors who have ordered Shell Scheme or a Modular Stand Design package (MSD) via our preferred supplier Servifira, are not obliged to submit their stand design. If a shell scheme is ordered via other stand builders, then you are still entitled to submit a stand design.

Every Space-Only Stand that requires rigging is deemed complex. Please see a detailed flowchart of the ISE 2021 Space Only Stand Plan Review Process, which clarifies whether your stand is considered complex and the process to obtain ‘Permission to Commence Build’.

Please submit your stand design, Risk Assessment Form and Method Statement directly to Abraxys. The Hall Number and Stand Number need to be included in the title of the email on all plan submissions or general email enquiries to Abraxys: